John Deere Progator 2020 Heavy Utility Vehicle

Ready to Use: $13,900
Run & Function Price: $12,200

Make: John Deere
Model: Progator 2020
Stock #: UE45930
Hours: 3592
Serial #:VG2020A030***
Details: Gas Engine, 2 Wheel Drive!

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John Deere Progator 2020 – gas 2-wheel drive!  Hard to find and runs and operates great!  Liquid-cooled engine, 5-speed manual transmission.  Hydraulic dump bed!

Explanation of Pricing Options

Pricing Options

READY TO USE PRICE: Cutter will service with new filters change engine oil and grease fittings , replace worn items including but not limited to; hoses, bushings, blades, reels, seats and tires. Cutting units will be ground and HOC set to customer spec. Equipment will be detailed prior to delivery.Customer can assume equipment can be put into service upon delivery, however, Cutter recommends a thorough inspection of unit and HOC to confirm no changes have taken place during transportation.

RUN & FUNCTION PRICE: Cutter will inspect and wash Equipment. Fluids will be brought to spec levels and fittings greased. Equipment will start, run, move forward and reverse, stop and hold with brake. Equipment will respond to controls. Implements such as reels, rotary decks, rakes, plows. etc. will raise and lower and engage as designed. Customer should assume some parts and labor will be necessary to put equipment into service and that the equipment paint and decals may be faded and/or missing.