Cutter Services

Cutter Equipment Company has a State-of-the-Art facility, including an 18,000 square foot service center. Our turf equipment technicians are fully trained and experienced in hydraulics, diesel and gasoline engines, and reel grinding. We are not specific to any brand, so our team can diagnose, service and repair all turf equipment. When you purchase a piece of equipment from Cutter, you can rest assured that it has been serviced and refurbished correctly.

Cutter also provides service and repair on customer-owned equipment. We can economically pick up units up to 75 miles away from Canton, Ohio. Cutter also offers reel grinding and servicing at very competitive rates.

Call Cutter for more information, and let us help get your equipment serviced and back up and running!


Pick-Up & Delivery

We can economically pick up units up to 75 miles away

Reel Grinding & Servicing

Offering reel grinding and service at very competitive rates

General Maintenance & Repair

Cutter will get your equipment back up and running

We can diagnose, service and repair all turf equipment

Cutter Will Also Provides Service and Repair On Customer-Owned Equipment and Parts.

Cutter Renew

Cutterrenew units run like new because they are restored from the ground up. Cutterrenew equipment feature new engines, with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty*. Hoses, tires, seats, bearings, seals, reels, bedknives and rakes are replaced with new. All major mechanical components are tested to ensure they operate like new. Major componentscarry a one-year warranty* to assure worryfree ownership. Cutterrenew, prices range from 50% to 70% of new! Not only are they the “green” choice, they’re the industry’s “value” choice.



  • "Cutter Equipment is my go to partner when I need a new Fairway Mower or Greens Roller, my whole fleet has come from them. Being a local company, we like to buy from companies who are local and are good people. The team at Cutter is second-to-none, if you need a piece of equipment, call them, they will take care of you."

    John Andrews Head Groundskeeper
  • "I Love cutter"

    Les Lehman Owner


Cutter Equipment Company has one of the largest pre-owned inventories in the industry. We have over 500 units in stock at all times, and 100’s of additional units available through our trading partners. If we don’t currently have or show it, we can get it!


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